2. The Creation Of Jar Jar Binks

Most people don’t know this, but there is in fact a “cinema hell” for folks who have committed great crimes against film to toil for all eternity. Fatty Arbuckle is there, the producers of Speed II: Cruise Control will be there, and there's also a seat reserved for George Lucas. It’s not for delivering subpar Star Wars prequels or a terrible Indiana Jones movie, because the positives in his career far outweigh those atrocities; no, he will be going there solely for the creation of Jar Jar Binks.

In several interviews, Lucas claimed the ideas for Star Wars came to him in his dreams, including his inspiration for Darth Maul. If that's true, then we have no idea what he was tripping on when he dreamed up this talking Rastafarian fish. While Episode I was bad enough, the fact that Jar Jar got so much screen time should have been a crime against the Geneva Conventions.

We understand he was only supposed to be comic relief, but Jar Jar wound up traumatizing an entire generation of moviegoers with his grating voice and disgraceful one-liners. And the madness didn’t stop at just the movies. Jar Jar also tainted a countless number of kids’ toys, T-shirts, and bed sheets, as well as a bizarre candy tongue that encouraged children to basically spend their day French kissing him. We’re assuming Lucas has one every night before he goes to sleep.