Throughout the history of film, few creators have been as successful and influential as George Lucas. After writing and directing cult classics like American Graffiti and THX-1138, Lucas went on to create a space opera that ran way over budget and over schedule. The studio had no faith in it, but Lucas did. That movie, of course, went on to become Star Wars, the genesis of one of Hollywood's most successful film franchises.

From the mid 1970s through the mid '80s, Lucas changed the way audiences viewed movies by giving them a scope and depth that had never been thought possible. And after creating the Indiana Jones series, it seemed like nothing could stop him. But the subsequent decades were not so kind to the flannel-clad god of the geek world. After re-releasing the digitally enhanced Star Wars trilogy, and writing and directing the much maligned prequel trilogy, Lucas had seemingly lost the magic touch he once had.

And now, in what could be his last major blockbuster, Lucas has produced the historical action movie, Red Tails (in theaters tomorrow). We’re not sure how the movie will play out, but we’re certain it won’t erase the past few years of Lucas’ bad decisions. But whether you love him or hate him (and deep down you know you all love him), there's no arguing the man's place in pop-culture lore. So take the gloves off as we look back at George Lucas’ 10 Most Obnoxious Moments, because focusing on the positives wouldn't be nearly as much fun.

Written by Jason Serafino (@Serafinoj1)

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