A redditor has created and released (for free!) a voice set for Garmin GPS systems that sounds exactly like a certain sociopathic AI that we all know and love. Check out the video above to hear GLaDOS actually being helpful and not condescending for once.

As soothing as her halting, digital tones are, it would be even better if she gave you directions while remaining in character ("Turn left at the next light, you monster," "Head into oncoming traffic for cake," "Continue straight, by the way did you know you're adopted?"). On the other hand, we'd have a hard time trusting that voice even without an extra layer of menace.

Head over to reddit to download it if you have a Garmin GPS—there's also one for TomTom, though it's a few years old. Can you think of any other good lines for a GLaDOS GPS? Where else would you like to see her voice applied? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.