In addition to being one of the most beloved Knicks of all-time, Michael Jordan's right-hand-man and a triple OG, Charles Oakley is adding another title to his resume-chef. Oakley, who says he started messing around in the kitchen when he got to New York, had a short-lived web series called "Oakley's Cafe" a few years ago. This time around, he's back with "Oak In The Kitchen."

The premise is simple: he comes to your house and cooks for you, and all you have to do is pay for the required ingredients. Here's what Oakley had to say about the endeavor: 

I think cooking is easy in my range of what I do best. I’m not cooking like a European chef, but I’m told my food has a twist to it. I like to prepare healthy, delicious comfort food without a lot of fat. My real interest in cooking really took off when I got to New York. I was living and practicing in Westchester. I got tired and didn’t want to eat out all the time, and I began experimenting and getting creative with my home cooked meals. As my basketball career took off in New York and Toronto, I was starting to do more and more cooking on the side. In Toronto, I even did a few T.V. cooking shows. I’d invite the team over for Monday night football and a bite to eat. It got to the point where basically the whole team would hear I was cooking and they would all come over.

If he's as fierce in the kitchen as he was in the paint, he'll most likely impress you with his cooking. 

[via Gothamist]

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