Judge Judy has the unique distinction of being able to infuriate another human being to the point of violence, even when they are not in her courtroom. Just when we'd assumed the whole Jay-Z inspired stabbing was a singular, pop-culture-fueled incident, Florida woman Janet Knowles went and took out her reality-show-rage by hitting an unnamed man on the head with a hammer.

According to the affidavit, the man was watching "Judge Judy" on his recliner without a care, when the 62-year-old woman got "upset with Judge Judy" and hit him with the hammer, leaving a "large cut" on his head and forearm.

Hitting your couch mates with a hammer like it's Looney Tunes is never the answer, and we hope that this hammer-swinging vigilante gets the punishment she deserves—being tried by Judge Judy herself! How meta (and befittingly cruel) would that be?

[via Buzzfeed and Palm Beach Post]