A New Jersey woman was able to save herself from a prostitution ring by sending her brother a Facebook message. Although she couldn't make outgoing calls, she was able to access Facebook while at a Wi-Fi hot spot and notify her brother, who called the police.

The woman was already having a rough month, as she was jailed in South Jersey for taking a car without the owner's permission. One inmate said her boyfriend would bail her out, but when he did, he told her she'd have to join his team of prostitutes to pay him back. That's one of the dirtiest hustles you can imagine.

When police arrived at the apartment of Trenace McCarroll, they found the victim, his girlfriend and a bunch of weed and pipes. McCarroll knew it was over, so he gave himself up and asked that police not arrest his girlfriend. We suppose he still needs eyes and ears on the street. Anyway, he was charged with criminal restraint and promoting prostitution, so he won't be having a happy New Year.

[via Gothamist]

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