The people at Facebook believe in the notion of experiencing music with friends on the Internet. The social network began to roll out a new feature called "Listen With Friends" that will allow users to, as the name suggests, listen to music with their friends. 

The service will live within Facebook Chat. When one of your friends is listening to music via the two supported music apps, Spotify and Rdio, a little musical note icon will appear next to their name. When you hover over the friends name, you will be able to click on a button that allows you to listen to the same song your friend is vibing to. 

In order for the service to work, you will need to have the same music app that your friend is using to listen to music. As of now, Spotify and Rdio are the only services that are supported by the feature. Users will also be able to make a group where one person acts as DJ for up to 50 people.  

The roll out started earlier today and will continue over the next week. 

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