Drake's trying to move the sleek Miami condos that were featured in the "I'm On One" video.

He put both places, located right next to each other in the Marquis high-rise, on the market last week. The larger one is listed at $1.9 million, and the smaller one at $599,000, but he turned them into one huge spot and was living in them both at the same time.

The bigger one is 3,800 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, while its little brother is still a robust 1,675 square feet. Drake bought these spots last January for $1.9 million, so if he gets them for the asking price (long shot), he'll make a $596,000 profit. Drake—always thinking, but you can do that when you're 25 sitting on (at least ) $25 mill.

Any takers interested in putting a cool $600 grand in Drizzy's pockets? You can have your whole crew up in there too and sip Four Loko just like DJ Khaled.

[via TMZ]

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