Here we are again, at a day that happens a couple times a year, right? It's Friday the 13th and I don't know about you, but I cant think about any of the stigma associated with today. Nope, any Friday the 13th thoughts I have are directed at the guy above. Jason, you're a rotten bastard.

My little brother and I grew up with video games and movies, and these movies were the most played of any, hands-down. They're still a lot of fun to watch. The NES game even got a fair amount of action, and we'll get to that.

Seriously though, the dude [and his mom] got wrecked so many ways it's hard to keep track. SPOILER ALERT: 

- Jason's mom got decapitated

- Jason got macheted in Part 2

- hung and axed-in-the-head in Part 3

- macheted-in-the-head by Corey Feldman in Part 4

- Jason's impostor [yup] gets dropped onto some farm equipment in Part 5

- comes back from the dead, and then pinned underwater by a boulder in Part 6

- emerges years later, and dragged back into the lake by psychokinesis in Part 7

- transformed into his child form by toxic waste in Part 8 [seriously]

- blown-up, regenerated, and pulled into Hell in Part 9

- goes into space, and burns in the atmosphere while falling back to earth in Jason X

And the reboot of Friday the 13th doesn't count, since it cancels out this list.

However, you may wonder what, in the name of Jason Voorhees, is this doing in the video game section? Well read no further, because as far as I knew, the NES version was the only substantial Friday the 13th video game I knew about. And after you see these other videos, you may feel that's for the best.

Here's the most familiar one on NES [not a terribly good game, but one that we played many, many times]:

Friday the 13th - Road To Hell, on the Nokia S60:

Friday the 13th 3D, on PC I guess? [Note the breathing sound that pervades throughout, a nice touch, only offset by the god-awful sounds of everything else]:

So the dude hasn't had a really solid video game come out, and I'm sure most of us are OK with that. Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Hopefully, none of you are camping this weekend.