To hear Demi Lovato tell it, she'll always be friends with Miley Cyrus.

"No matter how many times we fight, we will always be in each other's lives," she tells Seventeen magazine. "[Miley] and I are strong headed. When we fight it's brutal and we're like, 'We're never going to be friends again!' Then two days later, were like, 'I love you and I miss you!'"

Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez reportedly stuck by Lovato when she went to rehab in 2011.

"Both [Miley and Selena] will never leave my life no matter what happens, because we've been through so much together," she says.

But Demi's no longer under the influence, and she's got a new outlook on things.

"I think sober is sexy," she says. "It's cool. I think it's way cooler to be above the influence than under the influence."

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