In an effort to get himself out of deep debt, a man from Saudi Arabia allegedly offered his own son up for sale over Facebook for $20 million dollars. He claims that trafficking his son is the only way to save himself, his wife, and his daughter from poverty, which is probably the most convoluted logic we've ever heard.

The man, Saud bin Nasser Al Shahry, fell into debt after his debt collection business was shut down by the government. He tried to apply for welfare programs, but was quickly denied because he's over 35, which is the limit for receiving aid. This led him to come up with the idea to sell his own child, and he allegedly posted an ad for the kid.

Luckily, child trafficking is frowned upon pretty much everywhere, and the ad was taken down. Unluckily, the child is still living with a father who thought it was a good idea to sell him. Family dinners after all that are gonna be pretty awkward...

[via Huffington Post]