The doctor that was found guilty of having a hand in the death of Michael Jackson by prescription drugs - Dr. Conrad Murray - is trying to get the case back in court to partly clear his name. According to TMZ, Murray filed papers yesterday asking for evidence that Jackson was partially at fault for his own death, a development that could potentially deny the Jackson family full restitution. 

In filing the papers, Murray is conceding that he'll admit he's partly to blame for the death if it's ruled that Jackson was partly to blame as well. The amount of restitution the Jackson family receives would depend on the percentage of blame each party receives - for instance, as the prosecution is asking for $100 million in restitution for the family, if Murray were found to be only 50% to blame that would slash the sum in half and leave about $50 million. 

Murray was found guilty last November of causing Jackson's death by administering him a fatal dose of drug Propofol. 

[via TMZ]