WHERE: De Duivel, Amsterdam
WHEN: Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bathroom art detail at one of my favorite venues on the planet, De Duivel. Played there Thursday with my mellow, King Edson, and had an incredible night, as I always do there. Then, we got the horrible news that some random dickheads came in Friday and shot someone. Fucking heartbreaking, considering the legacy of the place and how hard they've worked to defeat all the civic and racial stress they've experienced over the years, and now this.

We believe in you guys, Daniel & Timand De Duivel staff. DJs reading this who have supported De Duivel over the years, please make your feelings known, should Daniel and his staff need us. Long live De Duivel. Heard they caught the gunman too, so there is at least the silver lining that this asshole is being dealt with. Eerie thing for me is that we were in there rocking less than 24 hours before this bullet, and blessed that it wasn't us catching a slug. God bless the victim(s), and here's to this incident being viewed as isolated by the Dutch Police. Too much love in there to let it rot over some isolated dumbass' actions.