There is a new indie game in the works which looks to be very cool. It's called Castle Story, and at a first glance, it looks to be a common resource-gathering and building game. What sets apart Castle Story from it's contemporaries is that the structures the player builds have to withstand attacks from creatures and other players. And when your castle wall falls, you better have the little yellow guys available to clean the mess up before you can gather and build again. 

That said, this looks to be a few steps removed from the basic structures of Minecraft or Starcraft or other...crafts. Aside from that, the game itself looks very pretty and seems to be running pretty well so far. At this point we should remind you that it's being developed by a two-man studio called Sauropod Games. Two people. Sure it's a little rough around the edges, but the polish is there.

The game is in it's early stages, but it's creators have just graduated, so a grace period is in order. You can head over to Sauropod's official site for updates, as well as follow their Twitter and FaceBook pages. I'm sure we'll see more from this game in the coming months. I'm excited, how about you?