It sounds like Capcom needs to learn how to play nice. After the news last week that the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) is in support of SOPA, the act that would allow the government to censor the internet, the developers and publishers that belong to the ESA were put in a tough position. To some people, continued membership in the ESA indicated that those companies supported SOPA as well.

Some, like Epic, publicly denounced the act in a show of support for internet freedom. Others, like Capcom, refuse to take a stand, and then accuse writers of "bad journalism" and making assumptions.

"We've only ever stated that the ESA represents us in legislative matters (again, like every other publisher)," a Capcom employee said in a forum post. "We have not stated any stance on our support (or not) for SOPA. Inferring more than that is bad journalism." Thanks to Game Politics for pointing this one out. 

SOPA is an crucial issue, and it's important for consumers to know which companies are supporting it. Simply not choosing a side is borderline irresponsible. Do you agree that there's been a lot of bad journalism in this regard, or are we right to bring attention to it? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.