If you need any proof that nearly no one believes RIM can turn the BlackBerry brand around, just look at the fluctuations of the RIM stock price. Shares of Research in Motion's shot up eight percent today after the folks over at Boy Genius Reports reported a rumor that the Canadian handset maker was working on deal to sell itself to Samsung. 

BGR's editor-in-chief, Jonathan Geller, ran a story this morning citing an unnamed source saying that RIM was "leaning toward an outright sale of one or more divisions, or even the whole company" and listed Samsung as an interested buyer.

RIM has been the subject of major scrutiny over the past few months due to the company's abysmal 2011 performance where share value fell over 70%.

The company's board is currently looking for ways to repair RIM. Besides selling the company, it was reported that co-founders and co-chairmen of the board, Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie, were going to be asked to step down from their role on the board. Another strategy being floated was for RIM to license its BlackBerry software to other companies

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