"I grew up rolling dice. Sometimes I'd carry 'em around on me because games could happen anywhere. You could be chillin' and somebody starts talking shit like, 'What's in it? I got $20, I got $100, I got $200.' That's how it goes. Like a break dancing battle, it starts with an exchange of words and next thing you know you shakin' dice.

"Most I ever lost was about two grand. But most I ever won was $1,700. I was 15, and at that time I was sellin' crack in the Bronx. We were chilling when this Spanish guy, his name Sam—he was a dope boy used to get a lot of money over there—he always used to challenge me, and sometimes I'd beat him, sometimes he'd beat me. But that night was a good night for me. I'd made a lot of money and he'd made a lot of money, so a game started up. Sam was about 23, 24 years old. A few of my friends were there, a few people from the neighborhood were there. I started poppin' everybody, taking everybody's money. Sam had about $800, $900. I took that from him. I had a really lucky hand that night.

"But I've had bad nights, nights where fucking 14-year-olds would fucking rape me—no homo. [Laughs.] They would rope you. That's what it's called, rope. They rope you on a night when your arm is noodles, when you got nothing in that arm, when you suck."