"In the 'Peso' video, you see me on the roof, holding a nutcracker. That's the drink in Harlem. In the summer, people make a lot of money selling those. They cost $5. What they do is they take sliced fruits, put them at the bottom of the nutcracker, and then the fruits absorb the liquor. It's like some cocktail shit, pretty wavy.

"What I like about nutcrackers is I always score with the chicks when I'm drunk off them. Always. Gives you that 'I don't give a fuck' confidence.

"I don't know what's in them because everyone makes them differently. But I do know if anybody comes up to you saying the shit got lean or anything else in it, smack the shit out of them. First of all, if you mix lean with liquor you can die. If you sip lean period you can die, but if you mix it with liquor you asking to die. Who the fuck would mix fucking prescribed medicines with alcohol?

"One time I was down on Rivington Street in LES. This fucking guy comes up to me with two bottles and he's like, 'I got that lean.' And I'm like, 'What kind of lean?' And he like, 'This shit kinda weak.' Kinda weak. And he gave me the lean and it was fucking NyQuil."

[Ed. Note—For one example of a nutcracker recipe procured from an anonymous source, check out this piece.]