While Paula Deen's admission that she has type 2 diabetes wasn't particularly surprising to anyone who's ever seen her show, Paula's Home Cooking, her subsequent announcement that she's now becoming a paid spokesperson for a diabetes medication kind of was. Rumors are flying around that Deen's known about her diabetes for years, and despite this she continued to cook on her show with enough butter to last a third world country a decade - all while negotiating the spokesperson deal in secret.

Fellow chef and author of "Kitchen Nightmares," Anthony Bourdain, who has publicly spoken about his dislike of Deen before - to be specific, he called her the "most dangerous person to America" - doesn't really like what he's hearing about this potential secret negotiation. So, like any good celebrity, he's taken to his Twitter to vent about it.

Bourdain wrote, "Thinking of getting into the leg-breaking business, so I can profitably sell crutches later." A subtle jab, sure, but a jab nonetheless. 

In response, Deen has yet to comment.

[via TMZ]