After more than 25 years, the greatest NES game ever is upon us.

This is Abobo's Big Adventure, a flash game that sets its sights on being the most nostalgic trip through the NES kingdom we've ever seen. And it stars Abobo. Who is Abobo, you might ask? He's the big muscle-y guy from Double Dragon, and he's fighting through classic NES games to save his son...Aboboy. 

Seriously, Aboboy. It doesn't get much better than that.

Everything about this just oozes awesome, and the fact that it's a flash game, that anybody can hop into and eat up is amazing. The game is totally free and will be coming out on January 11th. You can head on over to the official site for tons of 8-bit goodness and a rundown of what to expect.

Can't wait.