When a homeless man knocked a grill over on Tuesday morning, he probably didn't think it would cost him his life-and his head. His homeless comrade, 48-year-old Ricky L. Leer of Sarasota, is facing a second degree murder charge for decapitating the man with a knife that's pretty damn close to being a machete.

Leer, the victim and another homeless man had built a camp site near a wooded area in Sarasota. As they drank and cooked steaks, the victim accidentally knocked the grill over. You should never fuck with a homeless man's food, so Leer flew into a rage and got surgical on the man's neck with his knife.

The third wheel ran and called the cops, who returned to find the headless corpse and Leer, posted by a tree sipping rum and giving zero fucks about the scenario. Once he sobered up, he probably realized what he had done and regretted it.

Then again, maybe he didn't. There's a lesson to be learned here: don't lose your head over food.

[via Miami New Times]

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