Pledges Support Of SOPA

Date: Dec. 21, 2011

When Go Daddy announced its support for the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act, all hell broke loose for the company. Once the news broke, Go Daddy experienced a tremendous spike in domain transfers, resulting in the company losing an est. 28,000 domains on Christmas Day. Domain registration site Namecheap claimed it received 32,000+ transfers on December 29 as well. Many speculate Go Daddy lost anywhere between 40,000 to 100,000 accounts thus far. Adding to the embarrassment, CNET reported that its been delaying customer transfers and having representatives call owners begging them not to move. Following the boycott spearheaded by social news site Reddit, Go Daddy took the hypocritical route and deaded all SOPA support in hopes of restoring its public image. There may be no coming back from this one.