iPhone 5 Redesign

Source(s): Every tech site
Likelihood: High 

Everyone ate sour grapes after anticipating the release of the iPhone 5 for several months and instead getting the iPhone 4S. Though the smartphone’s recording-breaking sales push would insinuate the backlash was short-lived, there was still some bitching about its carbon-copy design. Apple's working on the iPhone 5 for real this time and if you've paid attention to the pattern of its previous releases, you would know a redesign is practically guaranteed at this point. In fact, a number of talented concept artists have already crafted some sick renderings as we’ve reported in our Top 10 iPhone 5 Concepts We’ve Seen So Far feature. Some experts say the iPhone 5 will bear a larger display, contoured edges, and even the case styling of the iPad 2. We say it’ll be the hottest looking smartphone on the market no matter what.