18. 2 Days In New York

Director: Julie Delpy
Stars: Julie Delpy, Chris Rock, Kate Burton, Vincent Gallo, Dylan Baker, Brady Smith, Malinda Williams
Release info: Sold at Sundance to Magnolia Pictures; no release date has been announced yet

Why you should be excited: Chris Rock starring in a romantic comedy opposite independent darling Julie Delpy? Yeah, we’re confused, too. That’s not to say that we don’t think the standup comedy heavyweight has what it takes to tone his humor into a dramedy frame of mind—it’s just odd to think that the guy whose only semi-dramatic credit is I Think I Love My Wife would be the nuanced Delpy’s first choice to play her even-keeled boyfriend in this sequel to 2007’s 2 Days In Paris. We wholeheartedly understand why Rock, on his end, would chase down a movie of this caliber: anything to erase the stench of Grown-Ups off movie heads’ noses. Apparently Miss Delpy hasn’t seen that shitshow.