2. V/H/S

Directors: Adam Wingard, Ti West, Joe Swanberg, Glenn McQuaid, Radio Silence
Stars: Calvin Reeder, Lane Hughes, Joe Swanberg, Sophia Takal, Kate Lyn Sheil, Joe Sykes, Hannah Fierman, Mike Donlan, Drew Sawyer, Drew Moerlein, Jason Yachanin, Helen Rogers
Release info: Sold at Sundance to Magnolia Pictures; a Fall 2012 release is expected

Why you should be excited: Sorry, Dramamine-abusers, but if you’re sick and tired of horror’s recent obsession with found-footage movies, you’re shit out of luck. Now that The Devil Inside has continued the box office domination sent into motion by the Paranormal Activity franchise, the first-person POV style isn’t going anywhere; thankfully, though, a crew of the genre’s most exciting independent filmmakers have banded together to create the impossible: a legitimately great and genuinely terrifying found-footage movie.

Or so says every single person who caught the Sundance premiere of V/H/S, a horror anthology dreamt up by Bloody Disgusting’s webmaster Brad Miska, and directed by, amongst others, Adam Wingard (the buzz-earner behind 2012’s most anticipated horror flick, You’re Next) and The House Of The Devil shot-caller Ti West.

V/H/S progresses as a group of Jackass-like criminals dig up old cassette tapes for a mysterious employer, and on said tapes they see a road trip gone to hell, horny guys (one of whom wears glasses with a hidden camera) propositioning the wrong girls, an extremely haunted house, two long-distance lovers unknowingly Skyping with a ghost, and a serial killer's murder presented in first-person. If done properly, the found-footage approach can yield frightening results (see: [REC]), and, for old-school horror junkies, there’s nothing better than a strong anthology film (see: Creepshow); excitingly, the early word-of-mouth on V/H/S/ is that it combines the best of both templates.