For those obsessed with movies and the movie business, there are really only two things on the mind nowadays: awards season hoopla and the beginning of 2012’s festival season via the Sundance Film Festival. And, despite all of the red carpet glitz and speculation about winners and losers, the Academy Award build-up pales in comparison to Robert Redford’s Park City, Utah, extravaganza of independent cinema.

Sundance is where distribution big-wigs camp out to view the dozens of self-made flicks from mostly unknown directors and producers all seeking financial backing, and the best of the best will find their work hitting theaters by year’s end; as for the rest of the fest’s hopefuls, it’s on to the next event with the same agenda. Now that Sundance is a wrap, movie lovers have a slew of new non-Hollywood films to look forward to, adding to a few that have been on our radar before the new year kicked off. We’ve compiled the whole lot here, in the following list of 25 Independent Movies You Should Be Excited About.

Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)

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