Solid Snake

Game: Metal Gear Solid
Genre: Action/Adventure
Year: 1998 
Biters: Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell), Jean-Luc Cougar (Winback) 

Complex Says:  Ralf & Clark’s Rambo look is a gift and a curse. Looking like steroid abusing, gun-toting muscleheads can go on but so long (even though they’re the last remaining to do it.) Enter Solid Snake. When Metal Gear Solid was released for the PSX in the late 90s, the military look changed for good. Any game with base infiltration and lots of firepower has a hero that dresses similar to Solid Snake. Form fitting outfits became the norm as well as the right amount of protection for maneuvering, and a tiny bag of tricks that can hold an AK-47. Maybe we can thank him for slim cargo pants.