Games: Dragon Quest I, II, III
Genre: RPG
Year: 1986
Biters: Chrono (Chrono Trigger) Marth (Fire Emblem), Ryu (Breath of Fire I & II), Isaac (Golden Sun)

Complex Says: Erdrick is the main character in the first three Dragon Quest games. The first game of the series, Dragon Warrior, was the first RPG ever made, which was published by Enix (who merged with Squaresoft in 2003) for the NES. Erdrick started it all for RPGs. The dude has earned godfather status. Drawn by Akira Toriyama of the Dragon Ball series fame, Erdrick set the standard for what was in style with RPG characters by donning a scarf and cape combo as well as the right amount of armor to look cool and last you through the game.