3. Karen Gravano (Mob Wives, VH1, 2011-Present)

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that Mob Wives co-star Karen Gravano has a daughter. Seriously,  what with all the smackdowns and beatdowns, when does she actually have time to raise a child? Well, that part isn’t the real problem, since Karen is normally in Staten Island filming the show and “writing her book” while Karina, her daughter, is in Arizona being raised by her father.

Karen is by no means one of the worst parents on this list, yet the fact that she’s left her child in another state while she spends all of her time in Staten Island mostly complaining about Drita, her friend turned mortal enemy, doesn’t speak too well about her skills as a parent.

Think about the example she's setting for her daughter: If someone talks shit about you, the only way to deal with it is through causing more chaos. Not to mention, always settle nonexistent scores with people because you hears that they’re “talking shit” about you. It's ime for a reality check, Karen, because high school has been over for a long time.