5. Jon & Kate Gosselin (Jon & Kate Plus 8, TLC, 2007-2010)

Jon and Kate Gosselin are perhaps the most obvious couple on this list. Jon & Kate Plus 8, their obnoxious TLC series, attempted to portray them as great parents just trying to keep an environment of controlled chaos while raising their whopping eight children, yet their split, as portrayed in the tabloids, proved all of that to just be editing magic. The two were vicious towards one another even when they weren't face to face; we can imagine that Jon probably had an editor from US Weekly on speed dial, after a rep from Ed Hardy. Throughout it all, though, neither one of them showed any regard for how the situation might affect their children.

Their descent into fame's depths ultimately destroyed their marriage, all at the expense of their kids. Additionally, when Jon & Kate Plus 8 was cancelled in 2010, Kate desperately tried to work the tabloids in an effort to sway some network exec to give her a new show so that she could maintain her lifestyle, instead of searching for another job that's more legit and stable enough to support her kids. Hollywood really can infect one's brain.