7. Stephen Fowler & Renee Stephens (Wife Swap, 2009)

Alongside his wife, Renee Stephens, Stephen Fowler actually looks like the worse offender, yet both parents undoubtedly share the blame in their fail-methods of raising their kids (which you should definitely view here).

Renee freely admits that she doesn't spend much time with her kids because she needs the time away for her own sanity—always a great thing when a kid is aware that their mom can't spend too much time around them or else she'll go insane. Secondly, Stephen seems to have completely forgotten where he lives, because he mainly spends all of his time insulting the U.S. and telling his kids that he should be pushing them harder because they're not good enough. Yes, we know, you're from London, bro—we can tell from the accent. There's no need to repeat it every two seconds, accompanied by a snicker about how awful the United States are.

When it comes to their children, the two parents are strict as hell. At one point, when one of their sons fails to complete several math problems before bed, Stephen goes into his room, wakes him up, and gripes about how perhaps he's not pushing him hard enough before dragging him out of bed to finish his homework. And, yes, Renee allows all of this to happen. Someday, that kid is going to write a best-selling memoir about all of this.