9. Paula "Lacey" Thebert (True Life, MTV, 2011)

Paula Thebert’s parental fails—or, rather, Lacey’s, as that’s what she likes to be called—were all showcased in a single episode of MTV’s True Life, appropriately titled “I Have a Hot Mom.”

In this specific episode of MTV's mini-documentary series, we meet Lacey and her 15-year-old daughter, Tori, who’s quite pissed off that her mother can’t stop spilling out of her top and flirting with every male in a ten-mile radius for five minutes. She just wants a mother who’ll, you know, act like a mother from time to time instead of trying to snatch the spotlight for herself, as she tends to do even when they go shopping together on what’s supposed to be “their” day.

Lacey, being the wonderful mother she is, legitimately doesn't seem to understand this, and refuses to even put her Facebook page on private when Tori complains that her male friends won't stop gawking at her page. Lacey, or Paula, or whoever, seems to have a troubling obsession with surgery and fame-whoring that gets in the way of actually being a parent; it's actually very impressive that Tori turned out as level-headed as she seems she to be in the episode. Sometimes, miracles do happen.