10. Dina Lohan (Living Lohan, E!, 2008)

It may be difficult to remember, or you might have even blocked it out, but Dina Lohan once had a reality show. The series was called Living Lohan, and it centered on Dina and Lindsay’s little sister, Ali. Unlike ratings juggernaut Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Living Lohan was greeted with hilariously awful reviews and, even worse, put a literal spotlight on Mama Lohan's inability to raise any well-adjusted children.

Though Lindsay Lohan is the actual "celebrity" in the family, it often seems that Dina is attempting to ride on the coattails of her daughter's success because she never had it herself when she was younger. Clubbing with her daughter, attending red carpet events, starring in her own reality show—all register as attempts to vicariously live the Hollywood dream instead of parenting.

That, coupled with her insistence to have Ali enter the business, as well, even after she saw what it did to Lindsay, won't earn her any mother-of-the-year accolades. There is justice, though: Living Lohan only aired for two months before it was yanked off the schedule for, we'd like to think, being too annoying.