8. Sunny

Director: Kang Hyeong-cheol

Na-mi, the main protagonist in Sunny, has a loving husband and a beautiful daughter. Her life seems flawless until she encounters an old, close friend on her deathbed. This ignites Na-mi to reconnect with friends from her most memorable years, a process which reveals a past that's not as dreamy as she remembers.

Centered on seven high school girlfriends, seen in an extended flashback, the film is a delightful slice of ‘80s nostalgia. Capturing some of the era’s most notable music, style, and culture, Sunny has earned tremendous success at the country’s box office—it’s a uniquely Korean type of blockbuster. Interestingly for a box office success, though, the film has a particularly dark undertone. It could be labeled as overly sentimental, sure, but, in the end, Sunny works.

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