10. Invasion Of Alien Bikini

Director: Oh Young-doo

Invasion Of Alien Bikini follows a loner/health nut who fights crime with a only fake mustache for a disguise—not exactly what that excellent title suggests, right? This weird sci-fi comedy certainly falls under the same category as films by Noburo Iguchi, though it’s not quite as perverted, gory, or sexual; it is, however, an award winner, thanks to the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival, where it became the first non-Japanese film ever take home a prize.

During one of his justice-seeking missions, the protagonist stumbles upon a group of evildoers terrorizing a helpless girl. The hero saves her, and brings her back to his humble shelter, but that’s when things get really interesting, as the girl is, come to find out, an alien seductress who tortures and pillages to acquire the abstinent hero’s sperm. We hate it when that happens.