In the aptly titled video, "two babies performing Taekwondo with a mother laughing in the background”, what is advertised is, thankfully, exactly what you get. 

If the phrase "intensely adorable" ever applied anywhere, it's here. The two wobbly children, let's call them baby red and baby blue, attempt to show off their newly minted Taekwando skills. At the face off, both seem equally intense, but watch as red baby quickly dissolves into a bouncing mess, while baby blue throws jump kicks with a clear intent for destruction. While red baby is focused on maintaining his Tigger (as in Winnie the Pooh's pal, not "crouching tiger") stance, blue baby brings out the back kicks and shows no remorse for where they might land. Only they land nowhere, because he's a good five feet from his opponent. But, it's the evil thought that counts.

And the worst/best part? The mother laughing in the background, mocking his Jean-Claude Van Damme-dreams before they ever get a fighting chance. 

[via With Leather]