Rejection hurts. But rejection in front of a live studio audience, on a televison show the airs nationally? That's got to hurt significantly more.

Just ask Jacob Waterdale, who took to The Ellen Show to propose to his long-time girlfriend. Only, she shot him down in front of the entire audience, mumbling something about how she was "sorry" and she "can't". Which, is tragic, but also funny because, you'd think that a proposal on televison would be accompanied by some sense of assurance that the woman might actually want to marry you. But, Jacob apparently lives on the edge, and took a chance that resulted in public humiliation.

But the most awkward part? The audience cheers anyway, thanks to an applause prompting bell, and the poor guy is left to scurry up the aisle while Ellen tries not to chuckle. Live and learn Jacob, and next time, if you're unsure about whether she loves you or not, maybe try proposing on a local TV station, mmkay?

[via Warming Glow]