Maybe she was just under the weather, or perhaps she was busy pounding some PBR before cameras began rolling; either way, this news anchor looks about as sober as a sorority girl on "Thirsty Thursdays" as she stumbles her way through the nightly news on KEYC-TV in Mankato, Minnesota, according to The Daily Mail.

Annie Stensrud has been an anchor for the station for over a year and a professional journalist for five, but during her short career she has already interviewed President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Nanci Pelosi. However, here she looks like she has more in common with Ron Burgundy than Ted Koppel.

Whether she was just tired, drunk, or suffered a severe stroke, Annie Stensrud has now joined the pantheon of news anchors that have suffered meltdowns on the air for our pleasure. And for that, we raise our glasses high and salute her!

[via The Daily Mail]