has whipped up a semi-complete list of all the shows that ceased to be in 2011, many of which we never watched and therefore will not miss.

Of the 100 or so shows mentioned in this super-slow, super-long tribute, only a few were even given the respect of a farewell photo, and some were even snubbed completely (Hung, How To Make it in America and Bored to Deathbecause, according to, "they were canceled after we finished this year's video."

Aside from shaming us with shows we never even knew existed (The Chicago Code, anyone?), the supercut also made us slightly sad for the good ones we lost in 2011: Friday Night Lights, Entourage, Two and Half Men (...with Charlie Sheen). Actually, scratch that last one.

Did any shows mentioned on the tribute make you shed a single tear, too?