Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe, infamous for his ability to put his foot in his mouth (and never back down), took to Youtube yesterday to begin what will no doubt be yet another flame war. His target this time? Well, actually, it was racism. He doesn't like it.

Jaffe addressed fan reactions to two things: the inclusion of rap in the new Twisted Metal soundtrack (N.W.A., Ghostface Killa and Hip Hop Gamer are all on the soundtrack), and the new Mr. Grimm, whose backstory you can see in this trailer and who happens to be black, for whatever reason.

"If you genuinely don't feel that rap fits in Twisted Metal, that's fair," he says. "I've seen this kind of racism, about just that he's a black guy, or just that we have rap. And here's my vow to you: if you are genuinely a racist person, and you don't like black people…I do not want your fucking money."

He requests that any racist people who buy the game when it comes out simply write to him to let him know, and he'll donate his cut of their purchases to charity—though he'd rather they spent the money on a therapist, instead.

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