The original Men in Black will always be remembered for its sharp humor, great special effects, and trendy style; unfortunately, Men in Black 2 offered little to fans of the original, and its failure seemingly brought the franchise down with it. But now that Hollywood has officially run out of ideas, Columbia Pictures is bringing Men in Black back for a third go-around starring the original cast alongside newcomers Josh Brolin and Emma Thompson.

This initial trailer is nothing more than a teaser, so there isn’t much shown in terms of plot or big action moments, but Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones look like they haven’t missed a beat as Agents J and K. The same humor and alien oddities that made the original so charming are all here, and even though this is the third installment, it looks like there is still some life here. While there are some cool creatures shown here and it's always great to see Will Smith back doing comedy, the highlight of this footage is Brolin doing his best Tommy Lee Jones impression. It's downright spooky.

Some people might be put-off by the fact that this movie is coming off of a horrendous second installment, but if the filmmakers and special effects artists can capture the brilliance of the original then Men in Black 3 can definitely succeed in bringing the franchise back to prominence.

Men in Black 3 hits theaters on May 25, 2012.