If any of us have been sinking the last couple weeks into the behemoth known as Skyrim, we know one thing for sure: the land itself is a major character and one we will spend all of our time in-game getting to know. Every path looks interesting enough to lead us down it, further away from the main story quests (or even the side quest that took us away from the main quests).

Love it or hate it, to say that Skyrim is a detailed game is putting it very lightly. And that's not just a question of the amount of physical objects in the game. When we consider the weather changes and sheer breadth of where we can go and see, it can be quite breathtaking. Those of you with PC rigs that can run Skyrim on Ultra settings must know this firsthand.

Well, one of your own has used his PC to capture a series of time-lapses from Skyrim using those settings, and the results are spectacular. By this time, you should hop over to his video, and please, please, PLEASE, watch it in 1080p if you can. It's a very fitting tribute to a game world that is truly unique in it's scope.


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