GZA was a busy man last week, working the college circuit, but not in the fashion that he's accustomed to. In November, he announced that he'd be lecturing at Harvard University, and last Thursday he visited the school to host the Harvard Black Men's Forum.

The crowd extended beyond the Harvard community, and GZA spoke more about life than music. Before departing, he left everyone with this lyrical dart: "Live a life full of humility, gratitude, intellectual curiosity, and never stop learning.”

Earlier in the day, he visited the Broad Institute, Harvard and MIT's shared biomedical research center to gather information for his next album. In the photo above, he's captured working with graduate student Jessie Thompson (left) and professor and marine biologist Penny Chisholm (right), pretty much destroying the average hip-hop creative process.

[via The Harvard Crimson and  Boston Globe]

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