Master prop-builder and Public Enemy #1 at costume contests, Harrison Krix has put together another incredible video game replica. This time, it's the Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2, and it's really something else. Clearly, the amount of detail is staggering, and the lighted elements add so much to the already great look of the piece. 

Krix, as he's done with previous builds, is donating the Gravity Gun to the Child's Play Charity Auction, and I'm sure this will command some serious buyers to open their checkbooks.

What is really, really cool about the approach and presentation of these builds is the levels at which Harrison Krix reveals every step of the build on his Flickr accounts and blog. On one hand, it's a clear and welcomed sense of dedication to his craft and enjoyment of these games that makes the props possible. At the same time, they're a sign of his commitment to the very idea of crafting, of looking at materials not just for what they are, but what can be done with them. That said, the documentation of these builds still retains that there is an another element, the skill of the builder, which ensures their success. He's put the time in, and in many ways, his skills are unmatched.

We highly recommend you check out Harrison's blog, and go all the way back, because every single prop on his blog is worth your time. Also, check out Child's Play, if you don't know what they're all about. They're a solid charity that outdoes themselves every year.

Maybe one day, we at Complex can commission Harrison to build us a Death Star. 1:1 scale.