Get ready everyone, because Ubisoft is offering up some of their finest games for up to 33% off their original price on Steam. Franchises that will see the Holiday sales prices include:

•       Assassins Creed®
•       Beyond Good & Evil®
•       Brothers in Arms®
•       Driver®
•       Far Cry®
•       From Dust™
•       Heroes of Might and Magic®
•       IL-2 Sturmovik
•       Might and Magic Clash Of Heroes®
•       Prince of Persia®
•       R.U.S.E®
•       The Settlers®
•       Silent Hunter®
•       Tom Clancy™

On top of that, they're offering an exclusive Ubisoft Holiday Pack with 14 games, all with 74% off of the suggested retail price. More information can be found on Steam's site.

So go for it, because the sale is up from now until January 2nd, 2012. There's a lot of gems to be had here, and the price cuts make it even more of a no-brainer. Besides, how the hell else are you going to escape from mundane conversations with distant family members over the holidays? With Assassin's Creed, that's how.

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