Sony has unveiled a new video for the Playstation Vita. This time around, they're showing off the features of it's augmented reality, and it's looking pretty good from here. Seeing two people squaring off in a public place with them could be very cool if it works as well as it seems. So we'll see.

It's hard not to think of the possibilities of what the technology could offer down the road, or what unannounced projects developers might be using this for already. Ken Levine, if Bioshock Vita has an AR component, you sir, should be Time's Man of the Year.

With the connectivity that the Vita should have with a strong Wi-Fi, or a 3G if you shell out for it, Sony really might have something here. It's a gorgeous system, as some of us saw at a recent Sony event, and it's fun. It's really fun. And those AR cards look pretty gnarly, too.

The Playstation Vita is out on February 22, 2012 in North America. Japan's getting it on Saturday. Those jerks.