"Shit Girls Sayhas been taking the Twitter-verse by storm with its spot-on feed of the sussinct sayings that females (too frequently) utter. The account, run by comedy duo Kyle Humphrey & Graydon Sheppard has amassed over 220,000 Twitter followers and became an insta-viral success when the inane, mostly non-sensical gems were strung together by a cross-dressing man in a video by the same name.  

And this week, the cultural counterpart to the video, "Shit Black Girls Say" was unveiled by comedian Billy Sorrells, revealing yet another set of culturally on-point phrases that reside in the mouths of the girly-part masses, for your comparing and contrasting pleasure.

Peep the videos and sound off below. Are these on point? Did he leave any good ones out? And most importantly, "Do you love this shit?"

"Shit White Girls Say"

"Shit Black Girls Say"

[via BestWeekEver]