2K has revealed today that The Darkness 2, sequel to the 2007 shooter, will feature separate campaigns for multiplayer and single player. Starring in the multiplayer portion, called "Vendettas," are four new characters who, like protagonist Jackie, will be possessed by demons and granted awesome demonic powers unique to each character. The two campaigns will overlap—you'll see Jackie in Vendettas and possibly vice versa.

The new characters were also detailed. Inugami, unstable and seeking revenge for the deaths of his family, has a special "Kusanagi sword" and a power known as "swarm." Shoshanna is an agent for the Israeli Intelligence Agency with a weapon called "Arm of the Night" and a power known as "gun channeling." JImmy Wilson is an alcoholic and a bigot with a "Dark Axe" and the power to summon Darklings. J.P. Dumon is a former doctor who used voodoo to heal his patients. He wields a "Midnight Stick" and can summon a "Black Hole."

There's also a separate more called "The Hit List" that allows players to replay certain missions from the Vendettas campaign, as well as other, unique challenges. Some of them will be available to single players, while others will require at least two people to buddy up.

If The Darkness 2's co-op campaign works half as well as Portal 2's, players will be in for a good time. The game comes out Feb. 7 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Do you think co-op is enough, or should the game have a deathmatch mode as well? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook.