Best: The Resolution

We love Sons Of Anarchy, but with both finales airing the same week it's hard not to draw comparisons. Both seasons featured internal beefs amongst their core characters that seemed to be building to one logical sentiment: There can be no peaceful co-existence. One show had the balls to actually pull the trigger, while one managed to simultaneously shake things up and maintain the status quo. Yes, the former is Boardwalk Empire.

The crazy thing about Boardwalk's devastating season finale, however, is that its big moment wasn't even the story's obvious conclusion. Ask us a couple weeks ago and we would've bet the rent money that the season would culminate with Jimmy and Nucky, both desperate and in over their heads, forming an uneasy alliance. Looks like we would've been homeless.

R.I.P. James Darmody. Your life was a preordained tragedy of Shakespearean, even Greek levels. We don't know what the show will do without you, and, in fact, it could quite possibly be as doomed as you were in your absence. Time will tell if Terrence Winter and his writers pay the price for their boldness, or if this was the necessary step to the evolution of Enoch Thompson as a full-time gangster. No matter how equal the screen time may have seemed, it's Buscemi's show. All we know for now is that we'll be muttering "to the lost" before we drink our first shot this weekend.