Any console gamer will tell you that playing iOS games with an in-screen joystick is a pain. Though the App Store has plenty of classic gaming titles in its library, few play as well due to the incompatible control scheme. The only way to create legitimate control alternatives has been to jailbreak your device in order to connect a bluetooth-enabled controller.

iOS accessory-maker 60Beat has finally given iOS gamers a usable gamepad that doesn't require drastic measures. The 60Beat Gamepad resembles a PlayStation controller, featuring with dual analog sticks, a d-pad, four face buttons and four shoulder buttons. The controller's cord plugs into the headphone jack. When it's connected, the game's on-screen controls disappear, giving players a clutter-free view.

There is one downside: There are currently only two games that support the Gamepad, Bugdom 2 and Aftermath. Add to that the gamepad's 49.99 price tag, and the device doesn't quite seem like a safe investment... yet. According to their website, 60Beat says that a larger range of games will be compatible with the device by February.